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    Vance Kelly & the Backstreet Blues Band @ Checkerboard Lounge (Audio, Video)

    Vance Kelly is one of the few acts in Chicago who was able to please audiences on the South, West and North sides, with a versatile band that spans the wide spectrum of blues material, from old soul chestnuts to funk to raw down-home blues, which sometimes ventures into the “blue” topical territory, but that’s okay in a club environment where everyone’s over 21. His broad repertoire includes a version of Prince’s “Purple Rain” which is typically a show-stopper. Guitarist Kelly plays all over the world, but when he’s not touring, Checkerboard Lounge has long been his “home base”, stretching back to its years as a rough and ready landmark of 43rd St. He’s one of several guitarists with distinct styles on the Tour, which also features Michael Coleman, Rob Blaine, Chris Canas, Linsey Alexander and Chainsaw Dupont.
    (9:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.)
    Register for Spring 2010 Chicago Blues Tour(TM) in Chicago, IL  on Eventbrite

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    Vance Kelly VIDEO:

    Click the link below to listen to Vance Kelly singing “Joyriding in the Subway”:
    Joyriding in the Subway, Vance Kelly

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