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    Super Percy @ Taste Entertainment Center (Audio)

    “Super” Percy Wood was raised just up Highway 61 in Duncan, where at 13 his churchgoing grandmother noticed his interest in singing, and encouraged him to form a gospel quartet. Percy idolized Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers, but also was attracted to the differently-soulful secular music of Fats Domino, a tension that continues to influence his work today. He moved to Chicago as a young man, and formed a group called The Injections in the mid-70s, performing around the Chicago area for several years until he was befriended by local bluesman Pervis Scott, and he began singing with Scott’s Oasis band. By the mid-90s had formed His Soul Clique, playing gigs all over Chicago’s south side and south suburbs, eventually landing a coveted Thursday night at Lee’s Unleaded Blues, where he grew a strong following. Like “Black-album”-era Prince, his sets occupy a space somewhere between blues, soul, funk and rock, and the band has a crossover appeal and an uncanny knack for getting audiences of all kinds up on their feet, with rhythmically-dense arrangements and Percy’s rich baritone. He’s one of four soul singers with distinct styles on the Tour, which also features Fantastic L-Roy, Sherman “Moody” Thomas, and JoJo Murray. On the Spring 2010 Chicago Blues Tour, Sat. May 22, he’s appearing at his current home base, the Taste Zodiac Lounge.
    (8:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.)

    If you get a ticket for the 7:30 departure, it’ll drop you at the Taste just in time for Super Percy’s first set.
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    Super Percy AUDIO:
    Click here to listen to Super Percy singing Feelin Sexy

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