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    sherman moody thomas

    Sherman "Moody" Thomas

    Sherman Thomas has made a career singing smooth club soul, popular on the lounge and banquet-hall circuit both for his crooning and for his double-entendre plays.  While he’s built his fan base in great part on the suggestive material that seems to be evergreen on the lounge circuit, he’s also able to subvert the standard motifs with songs like “I Cheated Myself”, which, like Johnny Taylor’s best material, capitalizes on the listener’s expectations and draws them into a story that would be a subplot in other songs.  He’s a consummate entertainer with the chops to get away with this kind of subversive twist on convention, and typically he doesn’t play venues as small as Lee’s Unleaded, which means that the audience interaction should be amplified far more than at most of his gigs.

    On the Spring 2010 Chicago Blues Tour, May 22nd, the best way to see him is to take one of the shuttles heading down to Lee’s from Lizzie McNeill’s or Checkerboard Lounge.  He’s one of several soul singers on the Spring 2010 Chicago Blues Tour, which also includes Fantastic L-Roy, Super Percy, and JoJo Murray.  You can read about them all by clicking on “Soul Singers” at the left.

    Register for Spring 2010 Chicago Blues Tour(TM) in Chicago, IL  on Eventbrite

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