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    Peaches Staten @Rooster's Palace

    Faye “Peaches” Staten started her singing career while playing washboard in a Chicago-based zydeco band (that also included prodigious blues guitarist Lurrie Bell) 20 or so years ago, while waitressing part-time at Rosa’s Lounge, and eventually put together a solid backing band and become one of the most entertaining female blues divas in town.  She’s frequently on tour overseas, where she regularly plays festivals.  When she’s in Chicago, it’s a lucky opportunity to see an energetic talent up close and personal, and her every-other-week Sunday set at Rooster’s Palace offers just such luck.

    Rooster’s Palace is a tiny joint on the West Side, one of the last of a breed.  Back in the day there were dozens of clubs like it lining Madison and Lake Streets, but over the years the scene there has dwindled to a handful.  Robert “Rooster” Harris, who runs the Palace, is the brother of a well-known West Side promoter who died a few years back, and he’s carrying on the tradition with a smile and a cast of colorful locals, and blues bands several nights per week.

    On the Spring 2010 Chicago Blues Tour, Saturday, May 22, you can catch the 6:40 departure to Rooster’s and you’ll be at the foot of the stage when she starts her first set, or catch the  7:40 departure to Rosa’s and you’re one step away from Rooster’s, and as a bonus, you’ll get to see the resurgent Michael Coleman at Rosa’s along the way.

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