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    Fantastic L-Roy & the Bulletproof Band @ Linda's Place (Audio, Video)

    Fantastic L-Roy has grown on me more and more over time, as I’ve begun to see his deeper influences. He’s kind of a cross between Louis Armstrong and Sam Cooke, straddling the line between jazz and soul. He’s a master at working the crowd, roaming the retro-70s room at Linda’s Place with a wireless mike, phrasing songs conversationally, occasionally pouring a customer’s drink behind the bar while he croons. The Bulletproof Band is supple, shifting smoothly from R&B to soul to jazz, like a point guard dishing shots to L-Roy.
    Linda’s Place is a sweet little haven in a neighborhood that needs more bright spots like this.  Catch L-Roy in his usual mode at Linda’s Place on the Spring 2010 Chicago Blues Tour, Saturday, May 22. (8:30 pm. to 1:30 a.m.)

    Register for Spring 2010 Chicago Blues Tour(TM) in Chicago, IL  on Eventbrite

    Fantastic L-Roy VIDEO:
    Fantastic L-Roy Live Video 12//08/08

    AUDIO: Click here to listen to Leave Our Love Alone by Fantastic L-Roy

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