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    Chris Canas @Lizzie McNeill's

    Chris Canas

    Chris Canas

    For a young performer, Chris Canas has an old soul.  His original blues songs speak with much greater depth than would be expected from mid-20s performer, and aside from topical concerns, they show poise that usually requires a bit more age.  His songs are solidly in the urban blues mold, but have the “churchy” feel that predominates in Chicago’s south side black clubs, without losing the rockin’ elements that make white clubgoers scream.  That’s a tough act to pull off, and only a few artists — Vance Kelly, also on the Spring 2010 Chicago Blues Tour, comes to mind — can actually tailor their sets to the audience at hand.  Chris Canas calls his band the Blues Revolution, which might seem a bit pretentious, but the crossover appeal of his material does seem to undermine blues categorization the way that Prince’s similarly-named band did with funk and soul music.  Canas plays soul tunes in a rock style, in such a way that fans of either one can appreciate his talent, and the band seems well-schooled in the blues idiom, which keeps them tethered enough to improvise.  He’s one of many innovative guitarists on the tour, including Michael Coleman, Chainsaw Dupont, Linsey Alexander, Vance Kelly, and Donna Herula.  You can find out more about them by clicking “Guitarists” under Featured Artists at the left.

    On the Spring 2010 Chicago Blues Tour, Sat., May 22, Canas is the featured act at the “hub” of the tour, Lizzie McNeill’s, so don’t be afraid to check back through during the evening.  You can hear the gospel-flavored workout “Crank Dat Blues & Drive” at the bottom of this post.
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