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    Chainsaw Dupont @The Water Hole (Audio, Video)

    Chainsaw Dupont

    Chainsaw Dupont has built a strong following in Chicago by swimming against the tide, performing original material rather than the slew of preferred “classic blues” covers that are favored on the touristy blues circuit. Updating the classic blues of his idols like Albert King and Muddy Waters with modern sounds, he still retains the soulful underpinnings that have always made the blues work. Dupont has made his mark and attracted some of the best young musicians in Chicago to his live band. His following includes both traditional blues fans and others who appreciate the musicianship of the band. Chainsaw is also one of the best practitioners of the slow blues, building tension slowly and meticulously, without resorting to pyrotechnics. He’s appearing on the Spring 2010 Chicago Blues Tour, Sat. May 22,  at The Water Hole, a roadhouse just off of a stretch of old Route 66, which has a friendly crowd of regulars drawn from the surrounding neighborhoods, and a genial owner who’s run the joint for over 30 years. Dupont’s got a new live recording out (The Real Guitar Hero) which was recorded during the Winter ’07 Chicago Blues Tour, and a second live CD, (Acoustified/Electrified) that is being released the night before the tour with a special show at Lee’s Unleaded. (7:30 PM to 1:30 AM )

    When the 7PM departure, which would take you to Chainsaw’s first set, is sold out, you can try to get there via Rosa’s Lounge and Rooster’s Palace,  or For The Good Times Lounge.

    AUDIO: Click here to listen to Chainsaw Dupont playing Saccharine

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