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    Tips to Get the Most out of the Blues Tour; Weather Outlook


    1. Look at this as a sampler, a buffet, just try out the bands and don’t try to force your way to see a specific band. Don’t try to outsmart the tour — the bus schedules are intended to move people around, but NOT for point-to-point travel.  If you just keep moving, you will get to a lot of clubs, but if you try to “force” going to the clubs in a specific order, you may end up seeing less music and spending more time riding on buses.  We will always send you to the clubs at the time when they are scheduled to have music, not before. It doesn’t do any good to get to a club before the band does.

    2. Earlier is better, get the earliest departure time you can and then move up if you can via “stand-by”.  If there’s an empty seat — get on the bus!

    3. If the club you’ve arrived at is overcrowded — get back on the bus and try to come back later!  Same thing if it looks like the band is not getting ready to start.

    4. If your friends couldn’t get tix for the same departure as you, of if they arrived late — get on the bus, meet up later at Checkerboard or Taste or Spectrum, you’ll make some new friends, I promise.

    5. Around midnight, start figuring out where you want to end the night.  You should try to start working you way toward your final destination at midnight, which is when the buses start making their final trips.  At the end of the night, all buses return downtown, but if everyone is jammed into the same locations, there will be delays while buses shuttle back and forth, so help us out by keeping the crowd distributed. (see #3 and #2 above).

    6. On the schedule, “END” means “END”, from there the bus goes back downtown.  We might drop you another club along the way, but don’t “END” at Rosa’s and expect us to get you to Lee’s Unleaded.


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