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    Donna Herula @ Acoustic Advance Party

    Donna Herula

    Donna Herula captures the feel of classic folk blues better than many modern guitarists, who forget that playing by rote has nothing to do with the blues tradition, which is far more based upon improvisation and tonal effects than on particular signature phrases, despite what most folk-blues performers seem to make their bread on. She’s got a very good handle on the “narrative” aspect of blues, in both the vocal and musical aspects of her performance. She reconfigures many of the masculine stories of early folk blues in a manner that switches gender but not theme, the universalization which is at the heart of all folk genres.

    She’s very adept as a slide and National Steel player, and if you’re a fan or a novice, you’ll enjoy her performance, which is a true folk show and not a copycat museum piece. She’s one of two women singers on the Spring 2010 Chicago Blues Tour, along with Peaches Staten.

    She’s the featured act of the Acoustic Advance Party at Lizzie McNeill’s for the Spring 2010 Chicago Blues Tour, and you’ll only get to see her play if you purchase one of the departures prior to 8PM. You can get a listen to her playing “Future Blues” at the bottom of this post.

    Register for Spring 2010 Chicago Blues Tour(TM) in Chicago, IL  on Eventbrite

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